A Week at Spetses

Spending a week in Spetses gives you the opportunity to discover, but to also enjoy, all aspects the island offers, as you are able to combine relaxation and a variety of activities.

Even if the island is only 26km2, it is fully connected via its peripheral road allowing you to cycle or drive around it, in order to explore and discover the secluded hidden beaches. Ligoneri and Kouzounos are two unorganized beaches preferred by the locals and those who know where to look. However, with a bit more time on your hands, you ‘ll also have to chance to visit Zogeria, one of the most beautiful beaches on Spetses that is difficult to get to due to its rocky, dirt road and is best experienced by boat that leaves once a day from the main harbour in Dapia.

Apart from the vast variety of beaches, the pine-filled mountain of Spetses can also be explored through open hiking trails when the visitor has more time to prepare for an early morning or late afternoon hike. You will come across many tiny picturesque churches, where you can stop and take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding Peloponnese.

A plethora of cultural activities, concerts and exhibitions take place during the summer months too in the most mesmerising open spaces, such as the amphitheatre of the Anargirios School, the Bouboulina Museum garden and more. Even if your stay doesn’t coincide with an event, one of the two open air cinemas will surely make up for a laid back evening.

A week in Spetses, lets you interchange and mix up the rhythm and type of holiday you may be on: a Saturday night in the Old Harbour, dancing until sunrise and a chilled weekday evening with a refreshing cocktail lost in one of the cobblestoned alleyways of the Dapia. An extended stay will also fulfil your culinary appetite, as moving on from the mouthwatering quality of fish-based cuisine, you will discover excellent quality traditional Greek, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, along with a variety of easier and faster food, like burgers and the all-time classic souvlaki, eaten in the true Greek way, on the bench overlooking the sea, as a more laid back dinner alternative! Finally, Spetses is known for their accessibility which makes a week-long stay ideal for a couple of day trips to nearby areas, such as Hydra, Nafplio or even driving to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus to catch an ancient Greek tragedy in its birthplace, without having to move to far away from you holiday base.

Even if some might describe Spetses as a “weekend destination”, in reality a whole lifetime isn’t enough for the charm and charisma of the island to sink in. This is why Spetses has regular visitors and people with holiday homes who spend all their summers and weekends on the island. Therefore, a little extra time on the Island of the Aromas, allows you to immerge into a more local experience, find the right beach for you or your favourite bar that you ‘ll visit every night until the barman greets you by name.