Spetses For a Weekend

Spetses is the ideal and most accessible destination for a getaway from your visit to Athens without the hassle of planning a large journey. Either by boat from Piraeus port or by car up to the coast of Costa, in about 3 hours you will arrive on the beautiful and picturesque island of Spetses just in time for the weekend!

A short trip to Spetses as a short break from a longer stay in Greece also a trip back in time, as visitors are transferred into another era of horse drawn carriages and grandiose mansions along the seafront which you can walk or cycle on.

A summer weekend in Spetses consists of refreshing swimming in crystal clear waters, while the open road that allows you to discover the whole island offers a vast variety of beaches, organized or not, to choose from. For those who are more courageous, cycling round the island (26km) is a great option, along with short stops for a quick dip! Summer evenings are for enjoying sea-based cuisine with a glass of chilled ouzo at one of the many seafront restaurants and tavernas of the Old Harbour, Dapia or Kounoupitsa.

For those who are up for a more relaxing evening, don’t forget to catch a movie at one of the two open air cinemas followed by an ice cream on the bench along the sea just like the locals enjoy it! For those looking for a more vibrant Saturday night, the Old Harbour is famous for its lively nightlife with bars and clubs that will have you dancing until sunrise!

Sunday morning is for a coffee and brunch on the Dapia or in town while it is also the ideal time to visit the two main museums dedicated to Spetses history: the Hadjiyannis Mexis Museum and the Bouboulina Museum, home of the female captain of the Greek War of Independence.

And as the journey back is as stress free as it was getting to Spetses, you‘ll have all the time in world to enjoy another swim on the front side of the island, before you take off, just in time to realize that a weekend wasn’t enough for the beauty to sink in and that you’ll be back soon enough!