Around Spetses

The mainland and the shore of Costa are so easily accessed from Spetses that they offer visitors who choose a longer stay on the island the ability to also discover nearby destinations. As cars are not allowed on the island, when you park your car or pick up your rental in Costa, you can hop off the island and start your day trip within 10 minutes as transportation from and to Spetses never stops.

Nearby excursions of historical importance and of cultural interest are definitely the ancient city of Mycenae and the picturesque city of Nafplio that are only 1h 30 min away! During this trip you will be able to explore fascinating archaeological findings dating back 3000 years and also be introduced to the early chapters of contemporary Greece by visiting Nafplio’s castles and old town, the first capital of the Greek state.

Another favourite summer excursion for locals and regular visitors of the island, is a trip to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus that doesn’t only host exquisite Greek plays (ancient or contemporary), but also welcomes a lot of international productions. Arriving at the theatre from Spetses by car or taxi will offer you this once in a lifetime experience of watching a play in one of the most breathtaking amphitheatres in the world without organising a separate trip and returning to your holiday home at the end of the evening.

During your stay in Spetses, a day trip to the neighbouring island of Hydra is a must! The boat ride is only 20 or 40 minutes, depending on the trip, and are frequent enough from early in the morning to late at night. Hydra is ideal for you to fully grasp the elegant beauty and impressive architecture that sets the Argosaronic islands apart from other Greek islands, allowing you to immerge into the peaceful experience of walking up cobblestone alleyways.

Other locations near Spetses, and preferably accessed by boat, are Porto Heli, Ermioni, or even Monemvasia, as Spetses is surrounded by the argolic and laconic Peloponnese with endless excursion opportunities for those who want to discover and experience as much as possible!