Spetses with Family

Spetses is the ideal destination for your family holidays, as it meets all the criteria to ensure that the whole family will enjoy a carefree stay! Beaches on the island are family-friendly, especially the organized beaches, while buses and traditional boats make your transportation even easier. Most organized beaches also have water sports and other activities liked by younger and older family members alike.

Younger children also find Spetses’ history to be rather fascinating, as stories of naval battles, pirates and brave women and men fighting for freedom captivate them; the permanent display of original canons along the main harbour also add to the enthusiasm. Spetses is a traditionally seafaring island and the local Spetses Sailing Club is committed to passing on the love for the sea and adventures through sailing lessons for children all year round.

Spetses is a small island but with lots of open spaces, like the Poseidonio Square which fills with children riding their bicycles every afternoon, giving them that sense of freedom they so deeply need and parents long to offer them. Although Spetses is a car-free island, always be aware of motorbikes and horse-drawn carriages! A large number of cultural events during the summer are addressed to children of all ages, as well as the open air cinema viewings of their favourite animated films.

So, although Spetses is known for its buzzy lifestyle and nighttime entertainment, it also offers a calm, carefree and simultaneously enchanting atmosphere for all and creates unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Parent- friendly tip: Most hotels offer babysitting services, so perhaps the grown ups can also enjoy a Spetses night out!