The celebration of the Naval Battle of Spetses in 1822, also known as the “Armata”, takes place during the second week of September with the reenactment of the battle and the burning of a model of the Ottoman flagship being the highlighted event which is followed by an impressive firework show. During the week of festivities, a plethora of events are organised, such as concerts, plays, shows for children, while church services and official gatherings of local and national political authorities attend, along with honoured guests.

As one of the most famous festivities hosted on the island, tens of thousands of visitors fill Spetses in order to watch the reenactment, which is narrated live in Greek and English, and is a spectacular but also awe-inspiring event.

The festivities hosted by Spetses Municipality honour the Naval Battle of Spetses that took place on the 8th of September 1822 in the open sea of Spetses and resulted in the successful prevention of the Ottoman armada attacking the administrative centre of Revolution, the city of Nafplio, thus making the Battle of Spetses on of the most significant battles of the Greek War of Independence. The outnumbered naval forces of Spetses, Hydra and Psarra and all of those who participated and courageously fought, brought forth the heroic spirit of the Greeks in order to achieve  their sacred cause of independence.

The Spetsiots dedicated their victory to the Virgin Mary, who was born on the 8th of September according to the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Spetsiots built a church in her name (Panagia Armata) in the Old Harbour of Spetses.