Spetses is historically known for its role in the Greek War of Independence of 1821 and its heroic contribution to the revolutionary cause, as the first island to revolt against the Ottomans. This is evident until today in every corner of Spetses that preserves a dynamic and noble atmosphere of another era. The two main museums of Spetses are dedicated to the Revolutionary Era: the Bouboulina Museum, mansion of the female captain Laskarina Bouboulina who fought and funded the Spetses revolt and for many is the main reason to visit the island, and the Spetses Museum, also dedicated to the Greek Revolution, while simultaneously surprising its visitors with exhibits from the Early Helladic and Mycenaean Era, as Spetses can be found on maps for more than 3,000 years.

Smaller museums and cultural spaces are equally interesting, such as the Ecclesiastical Museum of St Nicholas, an exhibition and tour of the Anargirios & Korgiallenios College Foundation and the exhibition of Natalia Mela’s Sculptures at the Lighthouse area in the Old Harbour amongst them.


The Bouboulina Museum

The Bouboulina Museum was founded in 1991 by Philip Demertzis- Bouboulis, a 5th generation descendant, and his wife, Linda, while it is still run by the descendants today. The purpose of its opening as a museum was the preservation of the historic 300 year old building and home to the legendary Laskarina Bouboulina.

The visitor will fully grasp the history of the Greek War of Independence, Spetses role in it and of course, the life and works of a dynamic female figure fighting amongst men. You will also admire a vast selection of weapons, old books, porcelains, documents, personal items, maps, embroideries, furniture and objects from the 17th to the 20th century, as well as the impressive engraved Florentine ceiling of the grand salon. All the exhibits are numbered and the visitor is able to walk through and enjoy the exhibits of their interest, while the history of the museum and Bouboulina is also available in 25 languages. Contact the museum for private tours and organising private functions.

The 300m2 garden pebbled with the traditional spetsiotan technique hosts a majority of cultural and private events, such as concerts, presentations, award ceremonies amongst bougainvillea bushes and olive trees.

Τel.: 22980 72077
Facebook: Μουσείο Μπουμπουλίνας- The Bouboulina Museum
Instagram: bouboulinamuseum


Spetses Museum – Hadjiyanni Mexi Museum

The state Museum of Spetses opened in 1938 and is hosted in the mansion of Hadjiyanni Mexi, a leader of the island and revolutionary during the Greek War of Independence, while it is also one of the few remaining buildings shaped in a traditional Π.

On the main floor of the Museum, which you enter by walking up the imposing outdoor stairs you will see ceramics and vases from the Early Helladic and Classical Era, sculptures and coins from roman and byzantine times, a collection of post byzantine and Russian icons, ceramics of eastern and European art from the Spetsiotan travels, as well as objects and furniture from day-to-day life.

The final room is dedicated to the Greek War of Independence exhibiting important historical artefacts, including the Revolutionary flag, Bouboulinas’ ossuary donated by the family upon the museum’s opening, weapons, historical documents, portraits of Spetsiotan naval fighters, rare wooden figureheads and more.

Tel: 22980 72994


Ecclesiastical Museum of St Nicholas

At the Archdiocese of St Nicholas, the Ecclesiastical Museum exhibits ecclesiastical artefacts from various churches, while it also hosts cultural events, such as exhibitions and presentations in its gorgeous pebblestone courtyard. 

Contact: Father Grigorios Nanakoudis


Anargyreios & Korgiallenios School of Spetses (AKSS)

In one of the main buildings of the AKSS Foundation, personal belongings of the founder Sotirios Anargyros are exhibited, while a tour of the grounds can also be arranged upon contact with the AKSS.

Tel:  +302298072206  +30 22980 72306




Open Air Exhibition of Natalia Mela’s Sculptures

The renowned sculptress Natalia Mela (1923-2019), who spent almost all her summers in Spetses, has created several sculptures and statues that decorate the island, including the famous Bouboulina statue on the Poseidonio Square. In 1993, an open air exhibition was put together in the forest area of the Lighthouse, in the Old Harbour. Animals, small or larger, goats, bulls and even mythical creatures, such as the Mermaid welcoming boats into the harbour, await visitors for one of the most enchanting routes to do on foot. The ideal time is at sunset and the ideal company are children, as they adore climbing on the bulls and ringing the goats’ bells.