Transportation at Spetses

Spetses Island is ideal for walking around, through cobblestoned alleyways at dusk, with accessible beaches only 5 minutes away from town. Even returning from the Old Harbour after a long night out, it will only take you 15 minutes to walk back into town. However, there are so many spots that are worth exploring that the island offers you these alternative methods of transportation:

Bicycles & Motorbikes

Cycling in Spetses is the best way to enjoy the whole island as the main road goes all the way around and is recommended for those who are more courageous cyclists. Renting a bike is easy, as the many locations do so, while they also provide a variety of bicycles, such as mountain bikes, e-bikes or a classical one with a little straw basket for all types of rides and activities.

For those who want to integrate with the locals who almost exclusively drive motorbikes, renting a motorbike is also very easily done, as long as you provide your licence and an ID or passport. Be sure to learn about the driving regulations of the island with the most important being the restriction of driving along the seafront roads from 19.00 until 02.00. Follow the white line on the road that will take to the Old Harbour or Scholes using the back roads. For more information contact the Tourist Police or the Spetses Municipality.



The number of taxis allowed on Spetses (a car free island) corresponds to the number of the permanent population and therefore there are only a few. For your own convenience, it is suggested you contact and book a taxi:


Vatikiotis Konstantinos +30 6932200240

Vatikioti Antonia                +30 6971717660

Gionis Eleftherios              +30 6942635656

Thimaras Nikolaos            +30 6944251945

Kastriotis Dimitrios          +30 6946167251

Kollias Elias                          +30 6944605784

Papadeas Antonios            +30 6946853253


Transportation Vans

When arriving in Spetses, you will find available vans to transport you and your luggage to your holiday home or hotel. You will find them at the main port or by contacting the following numbers:


Giannis Paraskevas     +30 6973838008

Andreas Hiotis             +30 6947725610

Giannis Gionis                   +30 6944716641

Nikos Kokkoris            +30 6977195551

Horse Buggies

Horse-drawn carriages are a characteristic of Spetses and you‘ll find them at the main port of the Dapia and by the Posidonio Square to enjoy a ride through time.

The two main starting points are:

  • At the Dapia Port for horse buggies going towards the Old Harbour or Agia Marina: tel +30 22980-73171
  • At the Posidonio Square for horse buggies going towards Scholes: tel +30 22980-73170


Traditional Boats

During the summer season, traditional boats take you to the three main beaches on the other side of the island which are also believed to be the prettiest ones.

Daily departures are from the main port of Dapia around midday and their destinations are Agii Anargiri, Agia Paraskevi or Zogeria.

For more information please read their announcement board in the Dapia.

Sea Taxis

Apart from the 24h service to and from Spetses from the coast of Costa, sea taxis are also available to take you to most beaches on the island, to the Old Harbour or Kounoupitsa, as well as to areas on the mainland, such as Porto Heli or Hinitsa

You will find all the sea taxis at the main port of Dapia, along with their price list and you can also contact them to book your appointment

Tel: 22980-72072


To enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Spetses, either organised or remote hidden gems, there are two main bus routes, one to the other side of the island (mostly uninhabited) and one to the west side of the island.

The trips are frequent, but may differ during the summer season. For your own convenience, check the bus schedule at their starting points.

To Agia Marina – Xilokeriza- Agii Anargiri- Agia Paraskevi:

Departure from the town beach of Agios Mamas:

From the 15th- 30th of June and the 1st- 15th of September


Agios Mamas

Agia Marina

Agii Anargiri

Agia Paraskevi









From the 1st of July- 31st of August





















To Kounoupitsa- Scholes- Ligoneri- Ikismos- Vrellos:

With departures from Poseidonio Square, this bus route takes you to the organised and unorganised beaches of the front side of the island, while also drives up into the separate residential area of Ikismos, in Ligoneri.

The bus makes several runs until the afternoon and then again in the evening. Check the schedule at the starting point on the Poseidonio Square.