Spetses offer a vast variety of beaches for every taste, as the crystal clear waters, organised beaches, but also hidden gems in remote locations, are all found around the island. You may also find several small or larger caves  mostly accessible by boat.

Agia Marina beach is approximately 10 minutes from the main harbour of Dapia and has evolved into a luxurious organised beach offering water sports, good food and drinks. The sea is crystal clear with a sandy beach and a rocky seabed.

Agia Paraskevi, with its picturesque church, is considered by many the most beautiful beach on the island. With pine trees that reach the sea, large pebbles and dreamy waters, Agia Paraskevi is an organised beach with sunbeds and beach bar, accessible by bus and boat.

Anargiri Beach is the longest beach on Spetses. With a variety of sand and small pebbles, it is an organised beach with watersports, a bar and restaurant. It is also accessible by boat and the bus line from the town beach of Agios Mamas.

The town beach of Spetses, as it is next to the main harbour, is preferred by locals. It is very easily accessed, sandy and also provides an accessibility ramp for people with movement or physical disabilities. The ramp works with a remote control that is provided by the Spetses Municipality upon request.

Agios Nikolas, a small town beach en route to the Old Harbour and amongst old mansions, is the ideal beach for a quick swim, whether it is from the beach or from the small pier on the side.

Anastasi beach, next to the magenta coloured church, may be an unorganised beach, but the serenity of sitting under the eucalyptus trees makes it an excellent choice for a quiet and relaxing swim.

Garyfalos beach is in a hidden bay between the Old Harbour and Agia Marina. It is an unorganised beach with pebbles and it is one of the favourite spots for locals, especially for families.

Kyra Leni’s beach is in Kounoupitsa and is named after the house of Eleni Boukouri-Altamoura, the first Greek female artist to study painting while disguised as a man. It isn’t an organised beach, but it is preferred by the residents of the area for its easiness and clean waters.

Zogeria’s main beach is in a small bay with an organised beach and traditional taverna open during the summer. Its sandy beach and turquoise waters along with the pine tree forest surrounding it, makes Zogeria most visitors’ favourite beach. The larger bay of Zogeria is mostly accessed by boat and it must be noted that they aren’t allowed to moor in the smaller bay (with the restaurant), while it is overall prohibited to use the pine trees to tie the boats. Apart from the tricky dirt road, Zogeria is also accessible by boat with the daily trips from the main harbour of the Dapia.

Kaiki beach is located at the entrance of the Anargirios School and is an organised and easily accessed beach with a rocky seabed. It is the ideal choice for those who enjoy a day at the beach filled with music, dancing, beach volley and watersports.

A hidden gem adored by locals who know where the tiny path off the central road after Agia Marina is located. There is a bus stop that also helps locate the path amongst the houses down to the beach.

Xilokeriza beach is located on the uninhabited side of the island, just before Anargiri Beach and the bus stops at the top of the beach, on the central road. It is an organised beach with small white pebbles and crystal clear waters.

The small beach on the side of the Poseidonio Hotel with its fine sand and immediate access from the street, makes a favourite option for locals and visitors who wish to have a quick, refreshing dip.

Scholes, which translates into Schools, is the beach in front of the Anargirios School. It is no longer an organised beach, but it is always full of locals and mostly children who enjoy the sandy beach and jumping off the pier.

Tsakonas beach located after Agia Paraskevi is a remote bay with a secluded beach. It may require quite a hike to access by foot but the beauty of it really makes the effort worth it. However, it is best accessed by private boat.