Cycling on Spetses

The ideal way to get around Spetses is by bike and, for those up for a challenge, to even cycle all the way around the island. Overall, cars are not allowed, so you will only come across a few, mostly used for practical reasons (taxis, transportation vans, public vehicles). This offers visitors the opportunity to wander and explore the area at ease on their bicycles. There are many places to rent a bike that can take you everywhere, as all roads are accessible and most of them are a pleasant and easy ride. There is a wide selection of bicycles to choose from, such as mountain bikes, while for those who wish to enjoy a picnic by the seaside bicycles with little baskets for your own comfort are also available.

Renting a bicycle, even for the day, gives you the opportunity to explore the whole island, as it is approximately 26km to ride around the whole island. While the route is of medium difficulty, those uphills really make every pedal count as they lead to breathtaking views of deep blue waters through blooming green nature with a view of surrounding mountains and the Argolic Gulf. By riding your bike, you are able to stop and start again and enjoy the view, have a quick swim or even stop for a refreshing drink or meal.

Using a bicycle in Spetses fits into its general philosophy, as it isn’t simply an activity, but standard means of transportation. Setting aside motorbikes, you also show respect for the environment by minimizing air and noise pollution, while simultaneously allowing all visitors the opportunity to enjoy a more alluring holiday destination.