A Weekend in Tweed


Spring in Spetses is kicked off with a nostalgic and colourful weekend and a journey through time! A Weekend in Tweed welcomes its visitors to cycle on vintage bicycles, dress in 1950s outfits in tweed suits, lace dresses and impressive headwear for a two-day event surrounded by the blossoming nature of the island. The roads, ideal for bicycling, and the little pine-filled forests for picnics, create a flashback into simpler times with a retro vibe. Apart from uplifting moods and discovering cycling treasures, you might also be awarded for the best and most stylish appearances during a weekend that sets the summer season in motion in the most spectacular way on an island renowned for its unparalleled and exquisite aesthetic.


A sporting event held in spring for persevering and courageous triathlon athletes held on Spetses with regular participants each year. With running, swimming and cycling races, Spetsathlon is one of the most well organised triathlon events in Greece and offers ideal circumstances for lovers of the demanding sport.

Spetsathlon includes a Triathlon Race ( Spetses Triathlon Spring with 750m swimming, 25km cycling, & 5km running and Spetses Triathlon Endurance with 1.500m swimming, 50km cycling and 10km running. A Cycling Race is also organised around the island (25km)

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Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta (SCYR)

The international Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta (SCYR), established for over a decade, attracts some of the most gorgeous yachts of national and international sailing. At the end of June and organized by the Yacht Club of Greece, supported by the Spetses Yacht Club and under the auspices of the Municipality of Spetses, one of the most spectacular sporting events takes place with open sails filling the strip between Spetses and the mainland. Apart from offering high quality sailing races, Spetses is also a renowned seafaring island with a rich history not only of sailing, but one of the few places left that still builds traditional wooden boats, which also participate in the races. Either as participants, who can reach 400 crew members on 75 yachts, or as islands visitors, you will enjoy a unique experience on the island of Spetses.  

Spetses Mini Marathon

Spetses Mini Marathon is an established event for over a decade, offering high quality half-marathon races on the island of Spetses, while it is also one of the largest sporting events in Greece. Spetses is the ideal destination for half-marathons due to the mileage and the open peripheral road. The immaculate planning of the Spetses Mini Marathon alongside their excellent cooperation with local authorities and above all the support of the Spetses community and their volunteers, make Spetses Mini Marathon the absolute sporting event at the end of the season in mid October!  

The variety of races (5km, 10km, 25km) allows all to participate based on their abilities, while simultaneously being included in the magical and rejuvenating experience of sports. Likewise, the swimming races are also graded and there is even a kid’s race, so everyone is included.

Spetses Mini Marathon offers two days filled with energy, activities and an excuse to visit Spetses in October.

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