Sailing in Spetses

If you don’t have the chance to sail around the island in a traditional caique (boat), but you have acquired a speed boat, yacht or sailing boat, then all the remote bays with their crystal clear, turquoise waters await you! Tsakonas, the smaller bays of Zogeria (apart from the “small” one with the restaurant where it is not allowed to moor) are ideal options for a private swim. Please remember to be respectful towards the island’s rich pine-trees that can be found all the way down by the seashore and do not tie ropes around them!

In close proximity to Spetses, on the Peloponnese, don’t miss out on a secluded outing near Porto Heli, Ermioni, as the most immediate and accessible spots for exploring the argolic shores. An option further away, but much faster to reach by boat rather than driving down, is Monemvasia, another gem of traditional architecture and a small trip through time.